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improving the impact of global health investments
  What We Do

We believe global health investments are best leveraged by integrating technology and health services, improving the performance of large-scale efforts, and increasing the overall demand for health services. Our services are keyed to planning and implementing the strategies to achieve these goals.

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  Strategy Development

We assist corporations and non-profit clients to develop strategies to engage in the emerging markets for global health care. Specifically, we
  • develop strategies to grow their business or expand their programs
  • communicate to decision makers and funders why their key assets and capabilities are novel and valuable
  • forge new partnerships that benefit our clients and position them as leaders to create a vision for future growth
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  Technical Assistance

We provide hands-on technical assistance to a broad range of global health programs. We
  • develop detailed specifications for mobile telecommunications platforms for improving health and well-being of women and children
  • design, implement, and monitor multi-million dollar programs to control HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis at the country level
  • improve the scale and sustainability of women’s empowerment programs
  • accurately document the progress of global health investments
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  Our Clients

Global Health Consulting, Inc. works with corporations, international non-governmental organizations, governments, foundations, and individual philanthropists to improve the effectiveness of investments in global health. Our clients seek to position themselves for continued growth by identifying market trends and needs, by strengthening their capacity, position, and impact on global health issues.

We believe improved design, execution, monitoring, and evaluation of large-scale programs will result in substantial improvements to global health investments.

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